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Wilderness be damned: HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE

This year is turning into a fantastic year for smaller films. First SWISS ARMY MAN, now this.

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS was a fantastic comedy, with a great take on the vampire genre. This, Taika Waititi’s follow up, promptly follows suit as a unique journey into the wilderness.

The light-hearted drama/comedy of HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE takes on family and friendship, and what it means for two differing people to work together.

Sam Niell plays Hec (or Uncle), a grumpy outdoorsman whose ways of living and coping with life are thrown into disarray by the arrival of a foster child, Ricky.

Ricky (played by Julian Dennison) could have been a very one note character, however kudos has to go to the young actor, and for Waititi, by making him develop as a person. And for us as an audience enjoying that journey with him.

Touching on the idea of family again, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE has moments of darkness, and true emotion buried in it. Anymore would be deemed a spoiler.

2016 strong Autumn looks to continue on with these smaller-fare movies getting released in cinemas and on home video. And after a bit of a dull Summer of blockbusters (2 exceptions), films like HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE and SWISS ARMY MAN are reminders that cinema can take all wonderous forms.

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