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MIAMI VICE (2006) – Blue

I love Miami Vice.

Michael Mann’s own reworking of his 80s TV show has a lot of detractors, but I will defend this film with my life.

Last year I was asked, as part of an assignment, to create an AV essay that critically examines a film. Me being me, jumped at the chance to look at Miami Vice and in doing so forcing my lecturers to watch a film they actively avoided (they hated it).

I like to think that I was successful in my intentions (Narrators voice: He was not). This was something different and new for me to try. To try and flex some of those editing muscles I neglected.

There were two versions. This one was my intended submission, and then a second one I had to rework with different music and text to help convey the point I wanted to make. I am proud of this this version the most, as I feel the second one (my lecturer disagreed) was much clumsier with the added text.

The music for this comes from the magnificently underrated Blackhat, another Michael Mann film from 2015 that I will defend. The music is credited as “Blackhat – Movements” Medley by Atticus Ross, Leopold Ross and Ryan Amon.

I hope you enjoy this little two minute tribute to one of my favourite films. And hope that it may make you seek it out. Because everyone hates it, there are a million copies in every CEX going for about 50p. And that is a bargain.

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