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[This article was originally written as an assignment for my degree.] Before SHOPLIFTERS, my only exposure to the fringe of society life in Japan was TAMPOPO. What is interesting for me is that both films frame the theme of poverty around children (also it is… Read More

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The script isn’t that great (David Benihoff really needs to hit a screenwriting class), the premise is fairly generic, and the star hasn’t had a big hit in years. However, this is a film that is pretty weird when you think about it, has some… Read More

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Based upon the memoir, ‘I Heard You Paint Houses’ by Charles Brandt, Scorsese’s latest collaboration with De Niro is a fantastic piece of cinema. I’m not trying to sound surprised by this statement, but if I am being really honest I had a couple of… Read More

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Angry men who don’t feel connected to society, people who want to lash out at the haves that seem to own everything around them, and give nothing back. Fantasies of living the happy life, at being connected to the real world. When the world gets… Read More