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FOUR BOYS IN A VOLVO (1996) – Short Film of the Day

Hey look! The Short of the Day is back!! Got a few weeks off over the Christmas period, so I am looking to start this feature up again, mainly to keep myself occupied. I have my Vimeo & YouTube queue all lined up and ready to go.

Got a rare one to share with you all today, FOUR BOYS IN A VOLVO by Gus Van Sant.

Shot in 1996 as part of a Levi jeans commercial, Van Sant and much-missed cinematographer Harris Savides took the material shot and separatley made a short film from it. It is also worth saying that they were given complete freedom, but is an indicator of where Van Sant and Savides would go with the ‘Death Trilogy’. This is their first collaboration, pre-dating GERRY (2002) by 6 years.

These young men are searching for freedom, for an escape. The landscapes and colour are ethereal, the natural light is somehow dreamy.

As far as I can tell, apart from being made available on Le Cinema Club back in 2018, this Vimeo link is the only available rip of the short online. Enjoy.

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