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FuBball Wie Noch Nie X MOGWAI

On 12th September 1970, Hullmuth Costard took a load of cameras to Old Trafford and filmed George Best playing football against Coventry City. The final film, ‘Fußball Wie Noch Nie’ was released in 1971, its status as a document to the best footballer to never play a World Cup only being a footnote.

A footnote I discovered in 2006, with the release of ‘Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait’, my hunt for this film began. A hunt which ended in 2020. This is my edit of the film.

When finally sitting down to watch this, the rush of hearing the stands of Old Trafford bustle with life stuck with me. Watching Best play, it was evident this was a footballer who was born in the wrong era, deserving of the global attention that the Beautiful Game sees today.

The aforementioned, ‘Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait’ was a fascinating study of Zinedine Zidane. The accompanying score, by Scottish post-rock band, Mogwai, is on heavy rotation on my iPod.

What I wanted to do is bridge the two together, using a few tracks from the Mogwai score, and editing down the near 100 minute film down to 25 minutes. I added new titles and removed the old dated soundtrack.

What I hope the final result does is have the power of the original film, but modernising it for an audience that isn’t aware of who George Best was.

So here is ‘Fußball Wie Noch Nie X MOGWAI’, the first video on my newly launched YouTube channel, SUPERATOMOVISION.

If you like the film, please like and subscribe and comment. And if you dislike, or how constructive criticism, please let me know in the comments too.

I have other videos planned for the summer, and with this as a first attempt and a way for me to get used to the software, feedback would be very much appreciated.

The video itself, is intended for educational purposes only, and is not intended for commercial use.

Please support the artist, Mogwai.

You can find the film on DVD here.

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