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[This post was originally written 11th October 2016]

I honestly didn’t know that this year would’ve made me want to grab life and make something of it, and the main reason for it would have been SWISS ARMY MAN.

Co-directed by Daniel XX and Daniel XX (also known as DANIELS), this absurd concept has the best friendship and most profound life lessons I have ever seen in a movie. This is what movies are about, to teach and to make you wonder and dream. Just like the JURASSIC PARK theme song.

Paul Dano’s and Daniel Radcliffe’s chemistry help the film out of its very strange idea, and present it to audience in a convincing way. Although the audience has to be willing to suspend (all) disbelief.

The concept of the movie goes to some very far out places; and even though one can argue that the ending is not perfect, I feel that if it were to go for the conventional way out, it would have lost its magic.

Visually it looks as though it cost 10 times more than it did, and much of the music is magically woven together with the story and emotions.

The conversations between the two are funny, touching, relatable, heart-wrenching and (believably) realistic.

I really dont want to give anymore away.

Just want to say that if someone says that they loved a movie about a farting corpse starring Harry Potter, don’t shrug them off. Find it. Watch it. Love it.

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