The Simulation Project – (May 2022)

– Short Film Screenplay – Drama/Sci-Fi – In Production
“A physicist attempts to find out how the Universe will end.”

We Have To Kill Nick – (May 2021)

– Feature Film Screenplay – Dark Comedy – Unproduced –
“3 friends at a chool reunion decide to kill one of their former classmates who has wronged them in different ways”

1428 Elm St. – (October 2021)

– Spec. Film Screenplay – Horror – Unproduced –
“The horrors on Elm Street have ceased for 30 years, but nightmares never sleep forever.”

A legacy-qual for Wes Craven’s seminal horror series, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’. Titled ‘1428 Elm St.’, the script takes place 30+ years after the events of ‘Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare’ with Freddy Kreuger long disappeared from the minds of people in Springwood. However when a new resident of 1428 Elm St. starts discovering the past, she unwittingly unleashes Freddy again.

Mister Falcon – (May 2022)

– Feature Film Screenplay – Drama – Unproduced –
“1998. Aaron, 10, thinks something is off with his Mothers new boyfriend, With his younger brother Mitchell, and VHS recordings of his favourite Action movies, he sets out to find the truth. But the truth could be his undoing…”

Aurica – (May 2021)

– Feature Film Screenplay – Sci-Fi – Unproduced –
“The rebellion of the future is challenged by the powers-that-be.”

We Are The Drifters – (April 2021)

– Feature Film Screenplay – Thriller/Horror – Unproduced –
“A robbery at a remote truckstop/diner goes awry when a masked killer strikes.”

The New Swabia Incident, 1938 – (May 2021)

– Feature Film Screenplay – Sci-Fi/Horror – Unproduced –
“A horrific expedition to Antarctica in 1938 is unearthed and chased by the US & Soviet Union 20 years later. “

Brighter The Stars – (August 2021)

– Feature Film Screenplay – Drama – Unproduced –
“8 years after the death of his Mother, 14 year old Tom goes on a roadtrip with his older sister, Sarah, to find out if thier Father is really from the future.”

– Short Film Screenplay – Drama – Unproduced – 9pg –
“A moment is experienced repeatedly. A woman comes to terms with her place in it.”

– Short Film Screenplay – Comedy/Drama – Unproduced – 6pg –
“Don’t you just hate it when someone talks to you at the urinal?”

– Short Film Screenplay – Sci-Fi/Drama – Unproduced – 12pg –
“1960s Britain. A mysterious man is interviewed by a Police Captain, believing he is from the future.”