CLAPPING FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS (2013) – Short Film of the Day

As a collection of work that tells the story of ‘The Boy’, Donald Glover explores the impact of wealth on a person who dislikes his friends, and merely travels through the non-existence of what he has around him. At least this is what I take from this.

SAW (2003) – Short Film of the Day

Would you like to play a game? It’s only taken me 15 years or so, but I have finally hacked my way through the SAW franchise. The reason? Morbid curiousity. So here is the ‘Short Film of the Day’, 2003’s SAW. Oh, and some thoughts on the franchise as a whole (excluding the new Chris…

FuBball Wie Noch Nie X MOGWAI

On 12th September 1970, Hullmuth Costard took a load of cameras to Old Trafford and filmed George Best playing football against Coventry City. The final film, ‘Fußball Wie Noch Nie’ was released in 1971, its status as a document to the best footballer to never play a World Cup only being a footnote. A footnote…

FOUR BOYS IN A VOLVO (1996) – Short Film of the Day

Hey look! The Short of the Day is back!! Got a few weeks off over the Christmas period, so I am looking to start this feature up again, mainly to keep myself occupied. I have my Vimeo & YouTube queue all lined up and ready to go. Got a rare one to share with you…

ANTHEM: CONVICTION (2019) – Short Film of the Day

The subreddit for ANTHEM is a dark, upsetting place. The news surrounding the game is almost non-existent. Day after day there is an article repeating the same doom and gloom. And you know what? I really don’t care. I am loving this game.

PANIC ATTACK! (2009) – Short Film of the Day

Fede Alvarez’s breakthrough came with this ambitious 4 minute short, released in 2009. If this hadn’t got the attention back then, it is unlikely he would’ve ended up as the director of the really underrated Evil Dead from 2014.

WANDERERS (2014) – Short Film of the Day

I have made no secret of my love for things set in space. Or anything set in space. Or just space in general. Which makes me happy to see a short that, rather than take a traditional narrative, starts asking questions about where humanity should go to, amongst our solar system.

THE LEVIATHAN (2015) – Short Film of the Day

Ruairi Robinson’s The Leviathan has been in development as a feature film since this was released in 2015. Last I heard, 20th Century Fox were developing the feature length version of this, but what with the Disney acquisition it is hard to say what may become of that.

KELOID (2013) – Short Film of the Day

We are now set free. A terrifying prospect. This short from VFX crew Big Lazy Robot, was created as a spec film, aka a film which showed what they can do without the pressures of a deadline or overheads.

AWAKEN AKIRA – A Reinvention.

I have long been a fan of Akira. Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 animated post-cyberpunk epic is not only one of the greatest Animated achievements ever, it is also one of the greatest films ever made.

ANOMALY (2014) – A Stunning Sci-Fi Short

Last week I caught Apollo 11, the new documentary from Dinosaur 13 director Todd Douglas Miller. Since then I have been reading up on the Space race, at the moment going through Norman Mailer’s A Fire On The Moon. After chatting to a friend about how fascinating I find Space and Space Travel, he pointed me towards…